About us 

unlock your business’ potential.

Clix & Co. is the most trusted digital media concessionaires for both beauty and medical verticals designed to exclusively serve the Phoenix Metro Market.  As a new agency we understand that our mission is to strictly provide outstanding full-fledged integrated marketing and advertising solutions to our partners.


We have helped many companies & brands of various sizes, extend their reach while growing their business, making a dynamic impact with their web presence. Our intensive market research, years of expertise, and smart optimization of media enable us to partner with a range of beauty & medical providers with the goal to strengthen and optimize their digital marketing, branding, and advertising strategies to ensure our partners reach a substantial return on investment.





Dedicated to Quality

Average results come from partnerships with average agencies.


At Clix & Co. we only know to provide the very best when it comes to our partnership customer experience.  From our competitive multi-platform strategic campaign development that is designed to set you apart from the competition, or our highly analytical audience profiling methodologies – excellence is integrated throughout everything we do and provide.


We provide the competitive edge your business needs to not only retain your portion of the market share specific to your business, but to also place your advertising above all else.


With on-demand real-time reporting, you will have full access and transparency to know how each ad dollar is spent. 


We use our marketing tools to precisely deliver strategic & effective campaigns that result in qualified new patients & clients specific to our Partners’ business. 


Clix & Co.

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